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Second-Hand Smokers and Harmful Effects on People from All Ages Research Paper - 1

Second-Hand Smokers and Harmful Effects on People from All Ages - Research Paper Example Second-hand smoking as the health departments put it, apart from causing diseases also worsens the already existing health conditions. This conditions that may worsen from inhaling smoke from cigarettes and even marijuana include asthma, pneumonia, heart disease, and even bronchitis. For those getting exposure to this smoke in longer terms face the problem of developing, fatal, and chronic heart diseases. On the other hand, brief exposure cause health problems such as stuffy nose, headaches, irritation of the eyes and sinuses, coughing, headaches, and even triggering heart or breathing problems. The heart problems arise from the fact that the smoke from the cigarettes makes blood thicker, thus raising the level of "bad cholesterol" and damages the lining of one's blood vessel, this in turn results to heart problems, heart attacks, and eventually death. This smoke is even worse when it comes to pregnant women, children and even babies, when pregnant women inhale this smoke the effect mainly goes to the babies, the most likely scenario, in this case, is underweight babies, development of pneumonia, ear infections, and even ‘sudden infant death syndrome.' Medical practitioners state that children are often at a greater risk than the adults are; this is because their bodies are still on the growth stage thus they tend to breathe more than the adults do. Second-hand smoking causes chronic coughing and wheezing, ear infections, severe and frequent asthma attack, and lower respiratory illnesses.

Describe Roman imperialistic influences on Africa including the Punic Essay

Describe Roman imperialistic influences on Africa including the Punic Wars with Carthage and the roman cleoparta alliance and warfare - Essay Example Tunisia and the rest of North Africa where Carthage was situated experienced misery, loss of lives and poverty as the Romans in 146 BC vanquished Carthage and burnt it to the ground. The protracted nature of the Punic Wars underscores the aforementioned losses, since logically, the more protracted a battle is, the higher the collaterals are incurred. Particularly, the first Punic War was waged in 264 BC, the second, 218-202 BC and the ultimate, 146 BC (Dio, 1987). According to Dio (1987), the influence and presence of the Roman Empire in Africa also led to the annexation of different kingdoms such as the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Initially, the Ptolemaic kingdom began when Ptolemy I Soter created a large Hellenistic state spanning from Cyrene to Syria. An alliance would later be formed between Cleopatra and Antony at Tarsus in 41 BC, making the relations between Roman Empire and the Ptolemaic Kingdom more close-knit. Although Cleopatra intended to use the alliance to consolidate her political power, yet it made it easier for the Roman Empire to later annex the kingdom. Likewise, the Roman Empire spurred onwards, mercantilism and commerce in Africa. This is especially the case, since the Roman Empire maintained close contacts with African provinces which featured among the wealthiest in the Empire after Italy and Syria, trade within the Mediterranean region and coast, northern Africa and Italy became rife. This mercantilism was further aided by the Roman roads which had very dense and comprehensive

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Essay Topics - One Of The Most Effective Essay Uses

Essay Topics - One Of The Most Effective Essay UsesThere are many different kinds of essays, but flood essay topics have a special place in the classroom. This is because floods are one of the most vivid and difficult illustrations of natural disasters and human response to them.Examples of these include the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2020. Another example is the inundation of the Mississippi River as a result of Hurricane Katrina. These can be very graphic examples that a student will remember for years to come. Floods are events that happen all over the world and affect everyone from first-hand witnesses, to news reporters and television personalities, and even those that are on the outside.Floods have been around since prehistoric times and are still a real threat to society, even today. They affect not only the land but the seas as well and the resulting environmental damage can cost billions of dollars.Some people find this to be a g reat way to research these types of topics, while others find the research aspect a bit too tedious. Luckily there are other essay topics, like police shootings, which are based upon actual cases, and these can be much more fun.There is a nice contrast between police shooting, which may be more violent and can involve a whole lot of blood and gore, and the floods, which are more natural disasters. This may lead to some really unique answers to essay questions, for example the events surrounding Michael Brown's death.The police shootings are much more straightforward compared to the flood. Often, they are much easier to learn about, and the topic may be a bit more relevant to the rest of the test. Students that want to take the police shooting approach may have a better time with the essay than others.Either approach to essay topics can provide a great deal of research for a wide variety of students, however, and in the end they will provide a very interesting and rich experience. St udents need to think about which type of essay they want to take, whether it be the Police Shooting or the Flood and then use a combination of both.

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Mgt 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mgt 1 - Essay Example If employees feel that the increase in productivity will threaten their jobs due to innovation and mechanization, they may fail to engage in productivity improvement and other forms of cooperation. Employment security facilitates the implementation of the other high-performance management practices such as extensive training. An example of a practical experience is the case of the General Motors’ as it aimed at implementing new arrangement of work in its Saturn plant in which case the management guaranteed the employees their job security (Pfeffer and Veiga 40). Once employees have the assurance that their employment will not be interfered with, they tend to work harder and offer their knowledge and efforts to increase the productivity of the organization. Laying off of the employees that a company has spent resources training and developing their talents is a great loss as it opens unhealthy competition from the other closely-related firms. Employment security can be guarante ed by taking obligations with the workers unions, which intervene in case an employee is dismissed unlawfully. Firms may lay off their employees due to some financial strains, but the action leads to losses, as the company has to pay benefits, which consumes its finances leading to more strains. The biggest loss is to those companies that offer extensive training and development to their employees because they lose the talents and abilities of these workers (Pfeffer and Veiga 40). Job security helps in building the employee partnership in various organizations, especially in the long-term. Many firms will pursue short-term benefits at the expense of their employees job security. Such firms find themselves in difficult situations since their employees have low morale and are less productive leading to the company’s poor performance. When companies or

The Concepts, Theories and Critics Arguments Associated With Whistle Essay

The Concepts, Theories and Critics Arguments Associated With Whistle Blowing - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that whistleblowing is an act of exposing any misconduct, illegal or dishonest activity, which is taking place in an organization. The examples of the misdoings can be any activity that does not comply with the laws and regulations or can even be a direct threat to public interest like, corruption, fraud and safety issues. The whistleblower is often repressed by the organization against whom he spoke, related organizations or by law. Whistleblowing is a practice, which needs to be looked after very carefully. The whistleblowers are the ones who can help to bring insanity in any organizational practice or government, where the incumbents mostly abuse their power or positions by involving in wrong practices for either the companies or self-benefit. It is the whistleblowers who can bring these wrongdoings under check by exposing the wrong-doers in public. Though the whistleblowers work for better public interest, there is no law to safeguard t hem from the imminent organizational pressure. Many attempts have been made to define the process of Whistle-Blowing. According to James, Whistleblowing is â€Å"an attempt by an employee or former employee of an organization to disclose what he or she believes to be wrongdoings in or by the organization.† According to Johnson, whistleblowing is significant disclosure of unethical, illegal as well as harmful practices in an organization to certain authorized and standard groups who have the power to take action. In general, these information disclosures are considered as favoring public interest by exposing any activity that involves unauthorized or improper utilization of public funds, information regarding criminal activities, improper bending of justice and danger to safety or health of an individual or any other malpractice. At the same time, critics have argued that whistleblowing can create the negative impact on interpersonal relationships such s between co-workers in an organization and the whistleblower. They even end up being enemies or completely ignore the whistleblower in order to escape their wrongdoings. Whistleblowers can be external or internal and depend on the party or group to whom the whistleblower complaints.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Government - Great Ideas to Encourage Growth in the Classroom

Argumentative Essay Topics on Government - Great Ideas to Encourage Growth in the ClassroomWhen you are writing your argumentative essay topics on government, you will want to keep in mind several things. You do not want to overwhelm your readers with information and ideas, but rather, you want to provide them with solid information and ideas that can help to shape their viewpoints on the government and how it may affect them.When you are going through the process of writing this information, you may want to think about how important your writing is going to be in the coming years and what it is that you are teaching people in the form of your writing. In many cases, these writers are trying to train children how to become successful in life and are therefore more concerned with what is taught than what is learned.Another thing to consider when you are writing these essay topics on government is how much you will be dealing with very specific subjects. You will have to decide what su bjects you are going to cover and how you are going to go about showing your points. You may even find yourself having to include extra information just for the purpose of showing how easy you can be when it comes to writing.It is important to be honest with yourself and with others when you are creating these essays so that you can make sure that you have good arguments for all of your important points. You should never feel guilty about writing an essay for the college paper or for your classes, because you will be putting your opinion into writing. Writing essays is a way to communicate with others.One way that you can get different kinds of people to agree with you is to create a topic that has both viewpoints. You do not want to write one topic for one group of people and another topic for another group of people. You want to present your opinion in a number of ways so that you can convince people of your points.Remember that you are only going to spend a few minutes or a few d ays on each topic, so it is going to be important to make sure that you present the information in a way that will stick in your memory. Many people find that they begin to lose their concentration and they cannot remember what they were writing about if they do not take some time out for themselves. Taking some time out for yourself will make you more interested in reading the essay.These are just a few of the ways that you can use as you write your argumentative essay topics on government. In most cases, you will find that your writing will provide the basis for other people to see why you believe the things that you do.

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New Ideas Into Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doubled Spaced Never Before Revealed

New Ideas Into Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doubled Spaced Never Before Revealed Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doubled Spaced - Overview You desire the text to flow. The paragraphs ought to be double spaced. No matter how you are going to wind up submitting your essay, you should draft it into a word processor. It's clear that the length of paragraphs can differ. With the most important idea already identified, the research procedure is now able to begin. In some cases, it may have been supported by more than one institution. You ought to start by explaining the issue, the practice of the research and the way in which they affect your area. An individual should not merely research one's subject well, but in addition describe findings and discuss them in a suitable way. Your instructors read a good deal. Consult your teacher if it's ok to print two-sided. Students are always searching for something cheaper. Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doub led Spaced Options The brainstorming session should allow you produce many ideas, all which you might be unable to cover in the research report. We are going to offer you 15% off on the rest of the papers you order. It's not right to sell expensive academic papers on the web. Somewhat longer papers may also be submitted, but in the majority of cases should not exceed 8-10 pages. Most schools also enable you to send in a paper program, which theoretically provides you increased control over your essay formatting. The college essay is most likely the most frequently encountered sort of paper you'll write in the early portion of college. It's thus important that you learn how to write a great research file, so you may acquire superior grades and graduate with impressive grades. Writing college papers is a lot simpler if you're organized and understand the sort of paper you're writing. Hence, a five-minute speech utilizing this overall rule is going to have somewhere in the assortment of 5001000 words. For manuscripts, the response is all about 250300 words per page if it's double-spaced. You also ought to avoid words that serve no actual purpose or that don't communicate essential details. However, because a general guideline for giving speaches you ought to use around 100200 words per minute. The Good, the Bad and Most College Papers Are Supposed to B e Doubled Spaced Other individuals prefer using staples. If you are making an equation, use the distinctive character function of your word processor to make the characters required for your equation. Making it look as if you're attempting to take up space will most often cause a negative score. No line needs to be more than double spaced. The Essentials of Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doubled Spaced You Will be Able to Benefit From Starting Immediately Make certain before closing your header is typed in the exact same font as the one that you're using in your paper. The title is in exactly the same font as the remainder of the paper it isn't boldface, or enlarged. If you're an author working on the next bestseller, you should be aware that a regular manuscript with double-spaced text has about 250 words per page. Give the origin of the table and any notes immediately under the table in a caption. The truth is there is not any ideal solution to this question. T his kind of assignment assumes a little essay as an answer to a particular question posed. It's a superb concept to include your final name too, in case pages become separated. The answer is all about four pages. For example, if you want to put an order or calculate the cost of your case study, you can get in touch with our amiable administrators that are practically always at hand. When you choose to borrow from the work of different students and authors, you are going to be accused of plagiarism. So let's say your professor would like you to format in MLA style, and you've got zero idea how to do it. There are a couple of explanations for why professors request that you use a particular format. Up in Arms About Most College Papers Are Supposed to Be Doubled Spaced? Also, make certain that you discover the topic interesting, as it can be very hard to create interesting papers from a topic which you already regard as boring and dull. When choosing the subject, you always n eed to make sure the topic that you select is manageable, meaning you may comfortably and fully learn more about the topic that you opt for. Double-space the whole list. Another way to set a limit on the college essay length is the range of pages. The point is extremely crucial in writing college application essays, you might also learn about writing a thriving college application essay to learn more. We know there are over 100 reasons to choose Wellesley, but the Wellesley 100' is an excellent place to begin.